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Dropped my Jackhammer peddle (broken)


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I know it's just a cheap stomp-box so leave the wise-cracks out please. I got no money to replace or have some one look at it or even fix it, if it is fix-able.


This probably is a stupid post as I'm thinking it would be just as expensive to just replace it then try and have it fixed any-how's.


I know a bit about electronics's as I've made/repaired more cables and bad solder joints than I care to admit. What I'd like to know is there any thing that can be done or salvaged or am I just pissing in the wind here?


The circuit boards look fine as the broken part is with the gain/volume knob, the top knob for the gain broke off and the two are bent together and you cant turn one with out the other moving and it sounds like crap, battery maybe why it's sounding bad as that happened before but the knob being broken off and functioning wrong is not good I'm thinking.


It worked ok for a short bit but my POS guitar had a wiring problem that has been solved now so that may have been masking it to start with.


Thanks for any constructive advice

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A few possibilities:


If it hit hard enough to break the top knob from the dual concentric gain control, and it won't now turn the inner shaft without turning the outer collet, I'm afraid that potentiometer might be toast. It also might have caused the pot mechinism to become disconnected internally. If the pedal is of modern construction, the pot is probably soldered direct to the PCB ( nasty to replace, but raises the possibility that the pot is ok and a solder jlint at the PCB may have cracked. )Otherwise it may connected by wires (easier to replace, but remove the possibility of a cracked joint on the PCB) However finding the correct replacement pot may not be easy as it's a dual concentric.


I'd say you have to make a couple of decisions 1. is the pedal of any use to you now? 2. is there any chance of getting someone with more electronics skills to look at it? if the answer is no to both, you've got nothing to lose by opening it up and having a go yourself .


I'd first suggest removing the remains of both knobs from the gain pot, and trying to see why one part won't turn without the other. If it's just a bent shaft, try and straighten it (although this may destroy the pot) if not , figure out how to open the thing. There's usually screws in the bottom. The PCB may be held in by screws, or it might just be held in by the switch and pots being soldered to the board and bolted to the case, or possibly both. You may have to remove the screw ring from the footswitch and the hex nuts from the base of each control pot to get the board out. if you can get that far, take some pictures and report back.

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Cool, thanks for the reply's my friends! Not tried the battery yet as I'm going to just not worry about it, it's not a new battery so that may very-well be why it sounds bad.


The pot will need to be replaced if it is going to be fully functional again. I did try to carefully straiten the post that the knob mounts on with no luck so the volume/gain are practically fused together. If it had been the tone knobs I would have been able to live with it but the gain is to me the most important thing about this device.


If anyone wants to pay the shipping from North Carolina USA and want's to toss me a money order or cash to me I'd let it go for 20 buck's.


(sorry about the wind in the mic and the camera not focusing)


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