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Modified my SG put a Burst Bucker 2 in Bridge Pos but had to use allparts 5k pts. I ordered Gibson 5k shorts should they be better?


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Hello, unfortunately my GC did not have the short shaft 500K Pots for a Burtbucker 2 i just bought. So I had to

buy the Allparts brand to experiment since im not practiced in the area of changing out pots and caps. Ive found out

the primary difference between the two in that the allparts are the CTS type linear and the Gibson are the smooth taper

i think is what its called. Also actual accuracy in whether these pots are even close to 500k is up in the air. All i know

is my rhythm pickup sounds warmer than the burstbucker 2 and it should as well just with more punch and fullness and brightness.

its just a bit too harsh right now and my question is whether people that know about this subject think that when

i change to the Gibson pots will I again have the similar sound as the rhythm pickup just with more balls and thickness? Thats

why i wanted it. Also it turned out that my existing rhythm pot for lead position had been marked with a blue ink pen which i

don't know made me feel it was grabbed out of a batch that may have sucked. don't know. You think my SG will sound awesome with

The NEW Gibson Pots?

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Will your guitar sound different with different 500k pots? Probably not to what we could hear, especially when you have the volumes set @ 10. I dunno, I've never noticed a difference in "sound"


Regarding the warmth of the response, the string vibration where the bridge pickup is, is far less than where the neck pickup is, that string vibration will make a huge difference in the result of the pickup. For example, the bridge pickups are usually wired hotter than the neck pickups to compensate for the string vibrations and the effect that has on the pickups response. Jason Loller has some great youtube posts that explain this, check them out, worth the time to go through some if you have questions that you can't get your head around.


Also, you may want to adjust the pickups, changing the distance to the strings from the pickup poles is probably the most effective change you can make.


With different pots, where you may detect a difference is when you roll back the volume.


How gradual does the volume roll off? (can you set it on 2 for example, and still have enough coming through for rhythm work) also how fast does the tone roll back when you turn the volume down is another factor.


Hi end will bleed off when you roll back the volume, how much depends on the pickups, the pots, and how they are all wired.


There's further adjustments you can make, for example, You can add a treble bleed circuit to the Volume pots, or add set value capacitor to correct that if you are loosing too much tone when you pull your volumes back. The treble bleed circuit allows you to set the amount of high end you want to retain, so that is adjustable. a set value is not adjustable you have to select one that offers the change your looking for. I have come across some good youtube links I can add later if you are interested.


Also, not sure about Gibby pots, (who makes them and all) but when in doubt, and if I need to replace any I will go with CTS or Bourne pots. They are both are usually top notch in durability and taper/control.


I also think there's a lot of debate still on audio taper verses linear, and it seems to me anyway for guitar, especially for volume, audio taper is what is more natural for us in terms of what we want to happen when we roll off the volume. At least in my experience, I've ALWAYS used the highest quality audio taper I can find.


I tend to be on volume controls constantly, and I use the full range, from 10 all the way down to 2. at the lower settings, your rhythms clean right up, dime the volume for leads and release the hounds!


Also, when you say "short" do you mean short shaft? Maybe double check that? You might need long shaft. Short shaft are usually for Strats and Tele's or any guitar where the hardware mounts on a pick-gaurd or plate (as in the case of a telecaster) could be wrong, but I think when I changed my pots in my Classic, I had to go long, for a Les Paul, definitely long shaft are needed.


for parts and such, check out "GuitarElectronics.com" I've used them a few times, and they're great.


Good luck! [thumbup]

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