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Michael "Iron Man" Burks Dead at 54


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Michael “Iron Man” Burks, the celebrated Arkansas blues master who’s attacking style was one of the most powerful in the industry, has passed. It was reported that Burks collapsed in the Atlanta airport on his way back from Italy. He was 54 years old.


Bruce Iglauer, owner of Alligator Records, just released the following statement: “Michael ‘Iron Man’ Burks, the great blues guitarist and singer, has died suddenly. He was returning from a successful tour of Europe and collapsed in customs at the Atlanta airport. He was rushed to the hospital but they were unable to revive him. Michael was a sweet man, hugely talented and deeply soulful. I was proud to have him call me his friend.”



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Wow really sad and quite a loss I guess all those long hours on the road and his legendary Multi-hour non-stop concerts took their toll on him. He really lived the old Edna St Vincent Millay poetry line;


My candle burns at both ends

It will not last the night;

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends -

It gives a lovely light.


He might have died young - but he burned brightly while he was here, and like all true artist it's much better to burn out rather than fade away. Amazing musician and man the world is a lesser place without him and his music.

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Ack! So sad, so young (well, certainly not old!). One of the nicest touring musicians I ever met. Saw him twice in a small local club (seats about 200), he sat at the stage and met/talked with anyone who wanted to meet him, talked as long as they wanted about whatever they wanted. Was great to his fans, and a consummate artist.


I missed the last time he played, heard he just ripped it up, even better than the times I'd seen him. Spoke to the owner of the club just a few weeks back about getting him in again, said he'd contacted him and was waiting to hear back.


The Blues looses another great, this time far far to early.


So far, I only own Iron Man (autographed). Now I need to find and buy everything else he's recorded!


Loved his rendition of this one...


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