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Short om Marshall JCM-1C


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Got lucky last week stumbling over a Marshall JCM-1C 50th Anniversary amplifier...

I did initially just hook it up but didn't really manage to capture a good sound... I'm struggling doing that with 4x12 cabs at home... I think volume is more of the essence.

I still put it up on youtube, but this demo don't do the amp justice (bear in mind).



I got some tips on how to set the controls and decided to use my 65amps 1x12 cab which I've found earlier to be a lot easier to record...

This time the recording did the amp more justice... It's not accurate what I was hearing in the room, but it's pretty close... enjoy:



Some thoughts... Capturing the clean sound on the internal speaker was easy (ref. 1st video), but the dirt was just dirty...

Using the internal 10" Celestion speaker it sound pretty much how you would expect a JCM800 sound through a small speaker in a small box... no surprises there... no good, no bad...

When I connected it up to my 65amps 1x12 G12H-30 cabinet however it was amazing... WOW... Using the 1W setting this way at home was just to freakin' loud, but 0.1W was just right.

I can highly recommend this amp... One of my biggest positive surprises when it comes to amps so far.

I haven't tested it yet, but it should be possible to plug the 0.1W output to a bigger Marshall amps FX-return and use it as a full blown JCM800 (with a tad different power tubes that is).


Also as you may see... I mostly used my newly acquired Gibons CS ES-355 V.O.S... it started out being a fantastic guitar and it feels like it is just getting better by the day [biggrin]

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Ok... here's the thing... Before posting any of these videos I contacted someone at Marshall to ask if they mind me loading these up to YouTube. Didn't actually get a rapid response so I went ahead hoping for the best.

Well, I got a reply which was that they would prefer me waiting till June when they are released...


Legally I'm pretty sure that I'm safe... the amp was after all bought totally legally, fair and square, but I don't have any principles about being a **** about it and I did ask for permission for a reason, so I put the videos on private so that nobody else but me should be able to see them until I change the settings, which will hopefully be soon...


Sorry for the inconvenience...

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I tried out three of the Marshall one watters. The JTM1H, JMP1H and JCM1H are all great. I wound up getting the JTM1H. The JCM1H had a tone similar to the Blackstar HT-1 to my ear. It was more tweakable however. Both of these are fine sounding one watters. I have a HT-1 combo as well. I'm going from actual use, not hearsay or from what I have read. I'm sure your JCM1 combo will serve you right. All five models have a great tone to them. I wish I had the money and space to have purchased a JMP1H as well. I have only heard the JVM1 and DSL1 on internet demos. They sound pretty good on the demos. I have a high opinion of the others from listening to demos on the net, before actually hearing them.

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