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I pick up classic 57 e classic 57+ fischiano?


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Ciao a tutti,


Sono in procinto di acquistare una Les Paul standard traditional che monta appunto i classic 57.

Ho sentito che i Bustbucher tendono a fischiare ad alto volume ed alto gain ed inoltre non mi piaciono per il suono secondo me troppo diretto e con poca dinamica.


Avevo una Les Paul Custom del 92 con i pick ul della serie 4XX ( mi pare i 498 ma non sono sicuro ) forse ceramici, che fischiava parecchio.


Qualcuno mi da quache impressione sui classic 57 ?


grazie a tutti



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Are in the process of buying a traditional Les Paul Standard mounting precisely the classic 57.

I heard that Bustbucher tend to whistle at high volume and high gain and also I do not like to sound too direct in my opinion and with little momentum.


I had a Les Paul Custom 92 with the last pick of the 4xx series (I think the 498 but I'm not sure) maybe ceramic, that whistle a lot.


My impression from quache about 57 classic?

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Axe - do me a favor and translate this back for the OP:


You're suspicions are correct that the Burstbucker 1 and 2 can howl or squeal at high gain because they are not wax-potted. The '57 Classics are wax-potted so the coils of wire don't vibrate like a microphone. Remember that the Burstbucker 1 and 2 are made to be replicas of what was on the Les Pauls in the late 1950's, they didn't use wax potting yet. Otherwise the output of the two sets of pickups is probably not too far off. The ceramic pickups you had in the other guitar would have been much hotter. I like the sound of the '57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus in the Traditional.

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