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I just picked up 2 Epiphone Acoustic guitars

First one is a FT-145 Texan Serial #1254258 Blue label in soundhole says Kalamazoo MI, Made in Japan.

Small headstock like a gibson. Ajustable bridge. Bolt on neck.


The second one is a AJ-10 Serial #SI10921631 Large headstock ,truss cover says gibson.

I was told they are both from the 70's. I have searched and all I have found out is that the AJ-10 is now a AJ-100.

I think the Texan is somewhere in the 70's. But I am not sure on the AJ-10

Thanks for all your help in advance.

I have epi's and gibsons and I love them all.

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You won't find anything on the FT145. The serial numbers of that era were anything but serial. Physical description is a better age determining factor. But, you will only be able to get a range of years:


If it has a blue 'Kalamazoo' label (note it does not say "Made In Kalamazoo") it was built between the Spring of 1971 and some time in 1975 when the blue label was replaced by a tan, 'Norlin, Lincolnwood, IL' label. The tan label graced the Norlin, 'FT' line until about 1979/1980 when the 'FT' product line was replaced by the 'PR' nomenclature.



You can read details here: > > > Brief History of Epiphone < < <


Your vintage of FT145 was susceptible to the neck block coming loose allowing the neck to tip forward. There is a fix if you need it.

> > > TommyK's Fix < < <



Here's a 1974 catalog you might find interesting > > > 1974 Epiphone Catalogue < < <




The AJ-10 was not from the 70's. It is newer than that. The AJ-10 model number shows up from time to time on new guitars at internet sellers' websites like Musician's Friend and/or Music123. You will find model numbers in stores that you won't see on the Epiphone product pages. Not sure why. Could be a short custom run for a particular seller. Sometimes 'Gig Packs' will include a guitar with a model number not listed as a separate model number on the Epi site.

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Thanks Tommyk!

I figured the Texan was somewhere in time frame you're

speaking of.

Any thoughts on the AJ- 10.

The guy I bought it from bought it from our local music shop.He paid almost 400, it came with a nice hard case. Was told it was built in the 70's?

Thanks again

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Nope, not the 70's. No AJ's were made in that time period.



Try plugging the AJ's serial number into; http://www.guitardaterproject.org/


The above site is a wiki, so, if yours comes up blank, you have an opportunity to leave detailed info and someone may look into it.


It was started by someone who posted on this board years ago. The "New Look for 2008" leads me to believe the administrator of that site doesn't check in too often.


Somewhere in this WWW is a site that looks like Wikipedia, which collects information about Gibson/Epiphones. Not sure what it's called.

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The first year for the AJ series was 1998.


Pete, maybe 10/9/2 ?


Although, I'm not seeing the AJ-10 in the 2010 catalog. There is an AJ-100, which I believe replaced the AJ-10.


So possibly the date should read: 1/09/2.


The AJ-10 shows up in the 2002 catalog, but the only 2001 catalog I have is Japanese and shows no AJ-10, so I cannot confim this.

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Considering that the AJ-10 was most definitley produced in 2002, I'm more inclined to beleive that the OP's AJ-10 is from 2001.


EDIT: It has to be 2001. OP's pic shows the AJ with a Gibson truss cover. They stopped using those around 2004, IIRC. But they definitely werent using them in 2010...that was only two years ago and we know that they stopped using those TRCs long before 2010.


A 2010 AJ TRC will either have the "E" logo or say "AJ" on it.

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