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who is that Canadian trio with the high pitched singer?


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I was SO going to post Triumph!!!!



Well played, Saturn... well played :D!



Funny, seeing the thread title, I was SO sure this would be a thread about Rush... nice "bait and switch" [thumbup] .



Exactly as I had planned....bwahahahha [biggrin]

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Triumph is one of the best to come out of Canada IMHO.


Not as good as Rush of course....


That's my "Malignant Narcissism"!


(the first one who knows what I'm talkin' bout' gets a plus from me.....)

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I remember/like both, got a soft spot for Rush as I'm a drummer that writes song's. Witch one was first on the scene? I know Rush formed in the late 1960's first album was in 1974.


What about Triumph? :-k


I don't know exactly when Triumph first came out but I'm sure Rush was first.....

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