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Standard 08 Circuit Board

Gary Moore Tribute

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maybe you should post in the lounge.. this section of the site doesnt seem to get so much traffic.


I have no idea but a feeling youd be better off to dump the board completely.. Im sure it would be possible but not sure if it would be worth the effort?

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I'm with Rabs.


The best circuitry I've encountered has always been the basic '50s wiring.


I've never owned a Lester with a PCB (so I don't know what the set up you have sounds like and, therefore, I'm probably talking out of my arse) but if you swap-in a set of four 500k audio-taper pots and a pair of replica (i.e. genuine PIO) 'Bees or 'Grey Tigers', if my experience is anything to go by you'll be happy as a porcine quadruped in sticky brown stuff.



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