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Hello Guys,


3 Weeks ago i bought a Les Paul R8. A special one from Dave's Guitar Shop 30th anniversary.

Dave select the tops personally by Gibson. There where only 30 made of them. (serial DGS 010)

Never have seen a beauty like that. Amazing flame top and amazing finishing off!


After playing a couple hours at my home i realized that there was a problem.

On the A-string on the 12th, 13th and 14th fret, the notes sounded not correct. (false)

It was NO stringbuzz!

The neck was properly set, intonation was perfect, bridge, tail. A perfect setup from Gibson! (It's not always like that!)

I changed the strings but that was no solution.

The guitar sounded harsh to me and have muddy lows.(Burstbuckers)

I did go to 2 guitarbuilders and they told me that i had a real problem. An resonance problem!

That's a fault in the guitar. It's could not be solved...

I was so disappointed and sad.


I contact the seller and he gave my money back.

(what a service!!!)


I was looking for an R9 with a solid body. Not a "non weight relieved" or chambered body.

In a little store about some 25 km's from my home was one in ice tea.

It was an R9 from 2008 and the guitar was for more than 4 years on the attic from the store.

The shop didn't know that anymore. (they don't know much about guitars)

When i saw the guitar, i was impressed. Not an exaggerate flame top, but more a mix between a plain top and a flame top.

In a spotlight the flames are really heavy!

Serial is: 9 8426

I bought the guitar for 5166 dollars. (4000 euro's)

I think it's a good deal!!

The guitar is notable heavier in weight than my R7 Goldtop from 2010. (R7 is a "non weight relieved" body)


The R9 was also equipped with Burstbuckers.

Sound was verrrry harsh (it hurted my ears) and again muddy lows. No definition. More like a bad metalsound.

And for me tooooo much output! Not that sweet, warm, full sound i expected.

In my SG 24 (50th anniversary) there where 57 classic humbuckers in the guitar. The guitar was not really a tonemonster.

A little weak in tone. My SG 61 Reissue sound much better!


After painstaking nights i decided to swap out the burstbuckers from my R9 and put the classic 57's in.

I installed the Burstbuckers in my SG.

That was a GREAT idea. Both guitars sound awesome now!

The SG blow your socks off and the Les Paul sound like a REAL Les Paul.

Best thing i could do!

The SG 24 wins from the SG 61 now.


Strange thing is: In my R7 Goldtop are also burstbuckers and that guitar is a real tonemonster!

Are the same Burstbuckers who where in my R8 and R9.

Sound just like a Les Paul MUST sound! It's an amazing guitar! A keeper for life!

The Burstbuckers are not waxed. The 57's are!

My Standard 1994 (100th anniversary) is equipped with Haussel Tozz XL humbuckers for the heavy stuff. Again a tonemonster!

(and again swapped out the burstbuckers)


So, when i'm read some topics about humbuckers... I think it's so different from guitar to guitar.

All Les Pauls sounded different. One guitarplayer swear with Bareknuckles and the other with WCR's, Dimarzio's, Seymour Duncan's...

But none of this guys are thinking how it sounds on "that" guitar.

In one les paul it's possible that Bareknuckles nail the tone and maybe in the other the Bareknuckles sound like crap.


How is it possible to test this? Buy a pair of 10 different humbuckers?

Guitarstores are not switching humbuckers when they where installed...


Now, i'm the most happy player on this earth with my classic 57's humbuckers in my R9 and the Burstbuckers in my SG!


Best regards,



Peter Deflem



I will post some pictures soon from my new R9.

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