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70's J-250 R


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I bought this guitar from the original owner in NYC in 1979.


He had been given this by Gibson exec's in the early 70's, and was selling off

all his equipment before moving to Paris to live with his wife. I got lucky and bought this

and Mark Whitebook dreadnaught , and eventually an L6-S that had also been for sale at the time from the

same person.


Sadly this is the only one left in my possession.


Has anyone ever seen another around?


The bracing (double x) and the scales are non-standard compared to the new J's and the small bridge

is almost the same as off a Hummingbird....book-matched rosewood body & sides and spruce top, MOP inlays

on fretboard and headstock....nicely bound, it has great tone and actually projects, unlike the so-called

"quiet giants"

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I have only seen one J-250 R from the 1970s that a friend owned. I don't recall much about it other than it was pretty much a regular production J-200 but with rosewood back and sidesand made in very small numbers. That bridge, by the way, was a standard feature on 1970s J-200s.

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Thanks for the replies....I appreciate the knowledge...


Just for my own information, is this site a good place to place this

item for sale or are there better places for a guitar like this?


Thanks in advance...

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I have only seen a picture in a book. Most likely a small number of this model produced. Those were very transitional times for Gibson as they were trying to find themselves again.

Glad that you got a 'good one'... [thumbup]


I actually ran across one for sale a year or so back (on a website - not in person). They were not asking what I would consider a ton of money for it but it was still probably the highest number I have ever seen on a price tag attached to a 1970s Gibson acoustic

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