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My good friend Mike Dotsons latest Tele build.


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That guitar has a REAL good acoustic tone to it. I can't recal when I have heard something like that on a "solid body" type guitar. (I realize it isn't..but still).


I coun't really hear the pups, mostly because the mic seems to be distorting. But it seemed to have a good range....probably because the guitar sounded so good.

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I'd second stein's observation that it has a real nice acoustic tone for a Thinline Tele.


The Tiesco p-ups are very interesting. My old mate from here, Thermionik (now long gone), posted many clips where he played a Tiesco (with, I'm pretty certain, four p-ups) and he always managed to get some cool tones from it. I'd love to try one out but I've never even seen one in person in all my life! Perhaps they didn't have much in the way of an Importer to the UK?


Nice Tele. I'd like to have had better video to see the finish and the Tortoiseshell 'guard and, again as stein said, the mic wasn't doing the amplified tone any favours.


Must be fun to build things like that for competitions. I'd love to attend the auditions!


All-in-all V. Cool.


Thanks for posting, Searcy.





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Teisco =Tokyo Electric Instrument and Sound Compnay, AKA Nippon Pnpa Kogyo Co. now owned by Kawai Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co.

The built many of the cheaper brands of the 50's and 60s= Silvertone, Kent, Beltone, Duke, Heit, Deluxe, Jedson, Kingston, Lyle, in the U.K. they were imported as Arbiter, Sonatone, Audition, Kay, Top Twenty.

Basically anyone who place a order for a few thousand guitars could put a name on them, I've seen them sold as local brands by music stores such as "Pro" or "St. George". They also supplied Hagstrom and EKO with shared designs, The May Queen is one of the better known. If you find a Teisco TB-64 (baritone model of 1964) grab it ! great knock off of the Fender BassVI.

Best known for the Del Rey pick up's some called them toasters, they were a visual knock off of the old Gretch pickups. They also made the Checkmate 25, 50, and 100 amps and later the Sound Port 60 and Sound Port 120, which were copies of Fender Vibro Champ and twin Reverb's.

Also they made the Hot Chip and Pure Reason Revolution Synths.

They were the orig. pawn shop cheapy, but now they have a lot of collectors. Time to hit the yard sales!!!


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