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Junior origin?


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I just picked up an Epi LP Junior at a pawn shop. I has its serial number (0910102579) stamped on the metal neck joint plate along with an Epiphone logo. I just want to know where it was made and when. Seems pretty new, but the guitar dater site said it was made in '91.

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Definitely not made in 1991. There were no Juniors made at that time. Most likely your guitar was made in indonesia. Determining the year may prove to be difficult as there are a few ways to interperate the serial number.


Most likely, your guitar falls under this category:


Beginning 2008-09 models are appearing w/o a letter prefix to i.d. the factory. Based on what is reported so far, it appears that the serial code may be:


  • YY = year of manufacture
  • MM = month of manufature
  • FF = factory I.D.
  • RRRRR = ranking number
  • Example: 08121520333 was made in December 2008, factory 15, 2 unknown significance, 0333 unit produced

The factory ID numbers may not apply to your guitar because there is no factory code of 10 that I know of. However, all current Juniors are made in Indonesia.

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