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Live at the Crystal Palace Bowl, 23rd June!


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Just came across this link;




As can be seen, Rick Wakeman, Hawkwind, Strawbs, Focus, Barclay James Harvest and Curved Air are all appearing on the 23rd June.


I could probably hear the concert from my house with the windows open and a favourable wind...


I've been a bit of a fan of every one of these bands since the mid-'70s - and a big fan of three of them - so should probably make the effort to pop along the road on the day!


For anyone interested but unfamiliar with the place; the Bowl is an open air gently sloping natural amphitheatre at the north-east area of Crystal Palace Park. The stage is separated from the audience by a small lake and the acoustics are supposed to be excellent. Famous acts to have played there in the past include Eric Clapton(!) but it's hardly ever used these days as Bromley Council (owners) charge such a high fee for the hire of the place.


I hope the wife hasn't planned anything already..........[-o<



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