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A pair of SG's I've had


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Here are a two SG's I had the pleasure to own, one I still have.


A 1963 SG special, which I sold a year ago to pay bills...(same old tired story)


and a substantially worked SG Pro from 1972...my first actual real guitar.

we changed the neck pickup to one taken out of a fender (the over-sized humbucker)

tore it down, rewound it with taps and wired the single/dual coil in/out phase, and split the

humbucker into singles with mini toggles, handmade a brass tailpiece, lost the bigsby & floating pick guard.


plays and sounds great, but if I had enough sense to leave it the hell alone, it may actually have been worth some money

these days...go figure..

post-43737-033782400 1337369770_thumb.jpg

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Not a fan of the Pros, but that Special must have hurt to let go of. Gorgeous fiddle.



Hurt indeed, sold her locally to a guy named Larry Briggs, who has 4 major guitar shows during the year

out in Cali, in Chicago and Texas. He has quite the collection on display at these shows, and it would not

surprise me to see him asking double what he paid me for it...it was in excellent original shape...sniff, sniff....

(tear drops)

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