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Melody Maker + Wolfetone P90 = WOW!

Ryan H

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Well, it took over a month to get everything together, but I've finally gotten around to upgrading my '64 Melody Maker that I picked up back in November. All I can say is...WOW!


The pickup is a modified Wolfetone Mean/Meaner P90 (it's halfway between the two models, at 8.49K). Soapbar bobbin, dogear baseplate with rounded corners, Humbucker feet soldered to the dogear tabs for adjustment screw threading. No cover, since it wouldn't fit in the rout. A2 magnets. Wolfe makes great stuff. $120 including shipping.


Since I didn't feel like cutting up an all-original 48 year-old pickguard, I sent a tracing in to Adam Enstrom at RedZLine Custom Guitars & Pickguards. For $55 including shipping, I got a custom-cut B/W/B pickguard for this thing. Everything fit perfectly. Definitely recommend him for custom Pickguards (and standard ones!).


Sent it to my tech, along with the Tonepros AVT-II Wraparound I bought a couple weeks back ($80 barely used, not a scratch)


And here is the result!




The tone is just unbelievable. Nice raunchy midrange, Alot more bass than the stock pickup (which I still have!) and still plenty of bite in the highs. I think I'm hooked on P90's now. Cleans up nicely with the volume at around 6 or 7. Definitely recommend Wolfe's pickups.


I will upload some sound samples some time this week. I recorded some of the stock pickup about a month back, and I'll upload both for you guys to compare.


Until then,



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By the way, EQ set flat, guitar controls all on 10. Amp is a Traynor YGL-1. Clean tones with the Gain and Volume at about 9:00. Crunchy tones with Gain cranked and volume at about 7:00 or 8:00. Dirtier tones are my MXR Distortion 3, first Level maxed and Distortion at 1, then Distortion maxed and level lowered a bit. Recorded with an SM57 and another mic I can't remember...

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They have always reminded me of the LP TV. A buddy of mine had a vintage yellow LP TV with 2 soapbars on it. It was a screamer! Congrats on a sweet gitar!!

(Billy's LP jr. TV looked just like this


He broke the neck off at the body in a terrible fit of hard drinking one night and the repair guy put it back together with a huge metal plate bolted to the back. That dam thing was a totally different axe after that repair)

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