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Anybody have any info?


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This was my first post to the forum but unfortunately I didn't receive any responses. As I mentioned I am still making phone calls and contacting people to learn more about this guitar and how rare it is but so far haven't learned anything...


"Over the years I have been researching an SG that I own but come up empty handed on info. The guitar is dark blue (almost black) with gold hardware and Gibson has no record of the serial number to i.d. I did send pictures to Gibson of the whole guitar and the cavities and they confirm that it is an SG and that it is possible the guitar was a dealer exclusive.


Does anybody recall seeing these SG's around in 1998 or later? I am really interested to learn how many were made in this color for the year since in 1998 the only colors available for the SG Standard were black or cherry.


Any information would be great."


Additional info that I didn't put was where I purchased the instrument. The story I received is that the owner worked for Gibson and that this guitar was one that they took to the NAMM show as a prototype guitar and that there were limited numbers produced. He also mentioned the term "vault guitar", whatever that means... Just today I compared it to my SG Special that is a '96 and the only difference in the dimentions is that the lower portion of the body is between 1/16" and 1/8" larger. Not sure what Gibson's margin of error is on instruments though... Any SG owners care to take that measurement and share your readings of the body's widest point???

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