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Price Check 60's Tribute

Joe M

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A local CL ad has a "like new" 60's Tribute LP in gold listed for $650. Is that a fair price to pay?


EDIT TO ADD....what the heck is a "baked maple" neck????

Yup.. if its in good condition thats a decent price..


I have one of the 60s Tribute Goldtops myself and its a totally amazing guitar..


And dont worry about the baked maple neck... they are very good.. VERY VERY smooth and most of them are as dark as Rosewood..


You wont regret this one ;)

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Thanks for the advice, Rabs and JDK, I just got home with the guitar. It was as clean as any hanging anywhere in a shop, in fact, it looked as though it hadn't ever been played, there weren't even any marks on the pickguard. I wasn't sure I liked the all black back, but after playing it for a while, I think it's growing on me....


Looks like it's a keeper....

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