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Gibson Studio Standard 1986-1987


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Hey guys,


My local guitar store picked up a Gibson Les Paul Studio Standard a few months back. It dates to 1987 and has the chainsaw case from that time period. It's black in color and in excellent condition. So I have been looking at it for the past weeks, but didn't give it a hard look or try because of the price, $1400. For a Studio I thought this was a rather high price, but the guys at the store say that it is a rare guitar and hence the price.


Does this seem resonable ? Any thoughts on the guitar model in general ?


Thanks in advance.



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My normal advice would be to pass. Spend less than 1400 on a new one, if a Studio will do you.


In this case, I'd be a bit more emphatic about it. It was a pretty weird time, and I remember them not really knowing where this whole "studio" thing was going to go. It was a way to sell more "les pauls" cheaper, because real les pauls cost a lot, always have, always will.


Always remember that "rare" just means not a lot around. While it is true that scarcity can make it cost more because they were good and scarce, way many more guitars are scarce because they were a bad idea and nobody bought them, that's why they are rare.


I'd pass if I were you. It's a good time to buy a new guitar for the same money.



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rct gave some great advice. Rare doesn't equate good. If it was a real gem it wouldn't be sitting there for weeks.

And likely most of the real gems would be snapped up by the staff before it ever hit the floor.

And for 1400 you could go a few hundred more(if possible) and get a trad.

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