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Slash and Miles Kennedy


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Here's how I look at Myles: He's not a singer who tries to play guitar. He's not a guitar player who tries to sing. He's great vocals and great guitar (although not as virtuosic as his vocals! But IMHO, he blows away many cats nowadays...and while Mark Tremonti is the better technical player, sometimes Myles makes him seem boring!) living in perfect harmony! He actually started as a guitar player, and has an ear for tone. Very bluesy touch in his playing as well.


Here's the main contrast between Myles and Axl (besides the personality difference!): Myles has a beautiful voice Axl has a rougher, rattier voice. It's like comparing Rob Halford to Bruce Dickinson, if you will.


You'd be surprised (well, maybe you wouldn't) that my taste in singers differs greatly from some others on here. I don't like dark voices (excluding the bluesier guys like Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Youlden of Savoy Brown, BB King, Freddie King, etc). The only one I like is Layne Staley's. Otherwise, I don't. Even Eddie Vedder's and Scott Weiland's voices get to me. Yet, somehow, Geddy Lee's shrilling voice is soothing to my ears....


Just as long as you belt it out, you're a good singer, IMHO.

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