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Custom Classic or Traditional Zebra


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Looking at these 2 guitars the Traditional 1960 Zebra and the Custom Classic.

The Zebra here retails for $1599, the Custom Classic $1850. Both I believe have the baked maple fretboard

which hopefully I am going to try out today if they have one in stock.

I am just curious everyone's thoughts on these 2 guitars. They look pretty similar to me but I'm not to up

on the specs as far as electronics goes.

Any advice, opinions would be of interest. I like a fast feeling neck and prefer the slim 60s profile feel.

Thanks in advance

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I'm not familiar with the Tradtional 1960 Zebra, but I have the Classic Custom.


I'm thrilled to death with my LP Classic Custom. I got it in December, and I'm still blown away with this guitar every time I play it. It has the 60's style neck. The maple fretboard is very dense, very smooth, and fast playing.


The LP Classic Custom has the 57 Classic pickups. For some people they are not hot enough, but they are perfect for what I want. They're not too hot and not too tame for me. I set my amp on crunch and give it a bit of overdrive and man does it just purr so nicely! If you want clear bright tones you can certainly get that with this guitar when you turn the overdrive down and set the amp on clean.


For my needs the LP Classic Custom is just perfect. There's no other guitar out there that I would want, and it's an incredible value for the price, IMHO.


Hope you find what suits you best!

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