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Amp Stacks (guitar or bass)


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A question for both guitar, and bass players with stack, or half stack amps. What is the combination you're using of the head, to the cab, or cabs?

My bass half stack is a Gallien-Krueger 700RB-ll head, and an Ampeg SVT-410HLF cab.



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Guitar amp.. and I got this mini stack (MG 15HFX).. Its pretty cool a 15w head and two 10" cabs... I cant justify a super expensive amp so this was the cheap stack option for the living room :) (I didnt need it the little Marshall actually is a 45w combo and packs a big Marshall punch, the mini stack just looked so cool [tongue] )



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On one side of the room, I have:

  • Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100 100w valve head, plus
  • Marshall 1960a slant front cab (4 x 12), plus
  • Marshall 1936 cab (2 x 12)

on the other side of the room,

  • '59 Bassman re-issue

....running in stereo, off my pedal board.

Usually have the Marshall switched down to 50w, to keep things even.......

Sounds fine.

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I have stacks for guitar and bass, but since my current band mostly plays bars I avoid using them whenever possible. They're too big, too heavy, too loud, and take up too much space. Guitar stack is Marshall Plexi, bass is Kustom (blue sparkle tuck & roll).

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What I have left; Peavey 120 watt tube head w 4X12 cab, 100 watt Vox head w 4X12 cab, 100 watt Egnater Tour Master head w 2X12 cab,


Various bass heads w two 1X15 cabs, and many 1X12 tube combos, and a couple of tube heads w separate 1X12 and 2X12 cabs...............


And a handful of other amps n stuff..........


If I had all the stacks that were stolen from me, well, that would include 4 full stacks and a Mesa Boogie bass stack, and more........

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50 watt valve Carvin V3M into a slant 2x12 cabinet...



How do you like that 2X12? I'm thinking about buying the straight-front version of the same cab. They seem like they're really well put together, and a good price.

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I like it, it has lots of punch, and I have not even taken the amp off of the 7 watt setting yet.

I looked at as many V3M videos that I could find on YouTube and Carvin's site before I placed my order.


Two things I really like about this amp.

1. You can play the dirty channel at a whisper by having the drive cranked up part way along with the volume, and have the master turned down to almost off.

You get that nice over driven sound along with sustain at a low volume that it will not disturb others in the same room with you.


2. No need for a fuzz, overdrive, or distortion pedal with this amp, it has the dirty sound built in on channels one and two, and channel three is super clean.


Carvin has excellent prices on their gear.

They just came out with another 100 watt head in a small config too.

Carvin Legacy 3


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Well, I just bought the 4x12 slant cabinet, it is on sale right now.


I got 4 castors for it too that snap into inserts on the bottom.


Sales guy said to go with the slant one like I have now with 2x12s in it, as if you run just one cabinet, it is nice having the top speaker(s) aimed up at you and to project out better.



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Stacks: Marshall 900's, Mesa Dual Rec, Carvin X60, JCM 900 1960 and 1936 cabs, and a stray Valve Jr




And practice amps: Egnater Tweaker & Cab, Marshall Class 5 and Avatar 2x12





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Currently using a Mesa Boogie Mark IV into a Mark series Boogie half-back 4x12 slant (top loaded with Black Shadow celestion 90s and the bottom Black Shadow Eminence 50s) and into a Carvin straght 4x12 loaded with 100 watt British Series (Eminence) speakers.


If I only want a 2x12 cab, I'll run the Mark IV into a Mesa vertical 2x12 rec cab that I loaded with 200watt EV EVM12L Classics.

Sometimes I may run one of the 4x12 cabs with the 2x12 instead of 2 4x12 cabs.






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Gladd you understood that I was joking... i was worried that you'd think that i was just a random a$$ hole.

I am NOT random.



Nice gear, btw

I knew you were joking.

I was going to reply that it was a failed attempt at doing my truss rod.

Actually I have never adjusted one, I think I would botch it ;)


One of these days though I would like to shoot a short video with the GoPro of how my V3M sounds and the few pedals I have, but right now I am too rusty.


Thanks, I really like the SG and the Carvin amp.

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My stacks/half stacks involve a Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series 2204 head with a 1960B cabinet with G-12-L-25 Celestions and a Marshall MG 4-12 A cabinet with Vietnamese Celestions.Other heads and cabs are: 1968 Fender Bassman head with a 1967 Fender Bassman 2-15 cabinet and a 1966 CBS/Leslie Model 16 cabinet with a 12 JBL K-120 .I also have a Vox AD 120 VTH with a 412 BN stereo cabinet loaded with 4- 12" Grindrod Wharfedales.

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