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Marshall 8240


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Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about this amp. I can get one for $200 but don't know if that's worth it or not.

I had a 4/12 stack, 50W head back in the day but long since sold it. May be getting myself a Classic Custom in the near future and am kinda looking for a Marshall to play it through. Call me cliche but for me a Les Paul through a Marshall stack sounds like bacon smells. [love]


Just wondering if any of you folks are familiar with this amp? I know nothing about it.

I know it won't compare to the stack but think it would be plenty for a basement jam.




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I think that's a first generation Valvestate model. It's a solid state amp with a tube in the preamp.


I had a valvestate long ago. Can't really say it gave me that classic Marshall sound. My advice is to try it before buying, if possible - you might like it. Not really sure what that money will get you, but if you don't need anything huge and are going with used anyway, you can probably find alternatives that are all tube.

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