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These are the ones I'm on that I check out: This one, Fender Lounge, FDP (rarely go there), Marshall Forum (my favorite), Blackstar, The Unofficial Sunn Forum. Electro Harmonix, Vox Forum. There are others I'm sure. I always try to be polite and keep it real. Some bozos have a problem with that and it is usually some yahoo that is a total wannabe and a boaster. There are a few out there. I actually play music and have a life away from these forums.

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I spend most of my 'forum' time here but others;


FreeSpeechGuitarClub - very small group of 'enthusiastic amateurs'.

DjangoBooksForum - everything Django & Gypsy-jazz.

LesPaulForum - self explanatory.

MyLesPaul - self explanatory.

Fender - self explanatory.

PorscheClubGreatBritain - self explanatory.


The last one isn't a guitar forum......



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Man if they're talking guitars, especially ones I own or I'm gassing for, Im there.


I really only have time to post on a few (this one the most) but frequent many just to keep up to date on anything new or interesting.













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Guest farnsbarns

Free speech guitar club


Fabrikar - technical web app building forum (very occasional)


Xda-developers - mobile development (occasional but more just recently due to some interesting launches)


Php-forum - technical web server scripting (very occasional )


Bigcountry - I run it, they're a customer


Croydon disc golf - (should be more often but no time, I also run it) needs no moderation, is all but spam proof and every member knows each other in the real world. That makes a huge difference to how people behave online.


I did join the Marshall forum as I had a question but what a bunch of A hole egoists. One thread was enough.

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Guest farnsbarns



Now I'm intrigued....




From memory:


Me - I've removed all the screws I can find but still can't get the chassis out of the cab and don't want to force it before checking.


1response: aww, ain't that cute.


A couple telling me I shouldn't be in there if I can't even open it.


A few patronising, it's dangerous type answers, those I could put up with.


Not one single answer to my question. I answered it myself in the end, lever it out, it was simply stuck. I fixed it and never went back to that forum.

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