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A Video of a few of my 60's Era Gems


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There's a GA-5T, and a GA-4RE


Great video! These units are quite rare as you said & not many people repair them. The Tel-Ray unit was used in many different brands of amps & effects, I bought a Fender Dimension IV for parts to fix the oil can unit in my GA-77RETL. They are fairly easy to fix but parts are really only available from broken units. I see oil for sale on eBay quite often. I posted this photo in another thread, but I'll repost it here. The GA-4RE's seem to pop up for sale from time to time but the GA-77RET amps are extremely rare. This is the only one I have ever come across from this series, I've seem a couple in rough shape from the Crestliner series, but not more than two. This is also the only amp I have seen with the 15" JBL. They are kind of a forgotten effect, the more I looked into it the more interesting it looked to me. Great electric guitar history!



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There's a couple of homebrewers that have actually been able to "Make" a new disc for tel-rays... but the Wipers are still a mystery matereal.


I got both of those units in non-working order.. and had them fixed up. The amp gave free electric shocks, but it would output some sound. New power caps, and it's alive with 100% original signal path.


The GA-4RE needed a belt, a tube socket repair, power caps, and a can service. Glad to have it alive. It gave free shocks too.


The condition some of these closet gems are in just makes me drool, but when I think about it, There's no shame in owning and playing stuff with some wear on it. It shows that someone liked it enough to use it... LOTS. Although my old timers aren't showroom anymore, they are still looking healthy for their age, and it's the sound that counts.

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