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RIP Doc Watson


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This is a better memory thread.



Blind since the age of 1. I can only imagine his joy at finely seeing the Good Shepard as he walked through Heaven's Gates.

Thanks for the joy and wonder Doc,

You will be missed.

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Doc and Merle Watson album "Pick'n the Blues" was the one that made me both pick up the guitar and also stared me down the road of really loving traditional roots music. I was VERY lucky to get the chance to see Doc a few years ago on his last trip to California. He played UC Davis Theater then went over to the Kate Wolf festival, I saw him at UC Davis. He had definitely slowed down picking-wise, but midway through the show he sat on stage alone and played a few of his favorite slower songs while warmly chatting with the audience. I had tears in my eyes. On these slower more meaningful songs the depth of Doc was better than ever.


After the show he even came out to the lobby and chatted and I got a chance to tell him that he was my inspiration and the reason I picked up the guitar. He started giving me some playing tips!!! Unfortunately the crowd forced me to move on ....but what a sweet man he was.


6 months ago I got this tattoo ....the music is Deep River Blues note for note until they start flying off.



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