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Now I admit that I don't have a huge collection of high end guitars, but I do have some good mid-range instruments... an Elite Les Paul custom, a Warmoth tele, a Sheraton with upgrades. But lately, I've been constantly reaching for my G400 vintage when it's jam time. I love the neck on this thing and it is a very comfortable instrument to play seated. But most of all, this guitar has just a nice woody tone...with a bit of overdrive on my amps, if just sounds super sweet. It's bone stock, but I have new pickups coming (either some mojotone pafs or sweetwater parson street pafs) so it might (or might not) sound even sweeter in the next week or so. I came within a hair of selling this guitar about 3 weeks ago...some guy beat me down pretty good because I had my eye on something else, but then I found out that he was buying it for his daughter and I had visions of it being covered in Hannah Montana stickers...I decided to keep it given the small amount of money the guitar would ever get on trade or sale. Anyway, if you can ever try out one of these older vintage G400s, try one out.





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Yeah, the current lack of neck binding that isn't the same material as the fretboard has stopped me from getting one on more than one occasion.


Seriously, I could understand rosewood binding on a maple fretboard, but rosewood on rosewood is pretty pointless... [confused]

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