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Blues On My Gibson LG3


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So here I am posting my 1000th!


To celebrate here is a new video of my 1959 Gibson LG3 which I had not heard of before I found the Gibson Acoustic Forum!






So I would like to thank all the members of the forum for a fabulous read over the time - it really is full of all kinds of things to do with my number one love - acoustic guitars and acoustic guitar playing and since I have been reading this forum, Gibson Acoustic Guitars! I had previously played Martins and Dobros and had heard of J45's and J200's, but all the others were a mystery. I had an inkling that I wanted an old L-00, but they are very scarce on the ground here at the end of the known guitar universe. They are very big on dreads here. So I ended up with my first Gibson acoustic after researching on this forum a bit before I joined - my Gibson Blues King! (Still a fave).


So what next?


Well I m still keeping an eye on the L-00s and I am in two minds about a vintage one or a second hand Legend which some of the forum members recommend....but a Hummingbird is always on the popularity list around this forum....



Thanks again everybody.



Regards BluesKing777.

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