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Creating a Casino 'Lennon' Model


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Hey All,


My first post here although I've been reading and researching posts for some time. I have recently bought a Epiphone Casino. I want to modify it to be like Lennon's guitar in the '68 / 70 era. I have taken the finish down to the wood and am now starting with the cosmetic mods. So, I have two questions so far. First of all, does anyone know if he had changed out the stock tuners for the Grovers in that era? I haven't been able to tell from any photos or film from that ear (i.e. Rock and Roll Circus, rooftop film, Live in Toronto). I have bought a set of Grovers but will need to open up the holes in the headstock to use them. I would rather not do this if they were not on the guitar at that time. Second question is, the 2 hole Truss Rod Cover. Does anyone on the board here know where these can be had?


Thanks to everyone for such a great source of information.


Best Regards, Mike

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Look at the 4th string tuner, which is turned face-on to the camera - you can make out the longer, thinner spindle, and small, flattened oval head of a Kluson tuner.


Definitely Klusons at the time of the Savile Row rooftop concert (30th January 1969).


Even clearer in this photo from the Canteen: http://www.thecanteen.com/lennon8.html



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