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Joe Bonamassa on PBS from NY last night


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Wow he is amazing,Ive heard some of his tunes before but live he is amazing.Usually PBS (especially here in GA)repeats things so check all your guides he is well worth seeing.What really threw me is I can usually tell what kind of guitar someone is playing pretty quick and especially with Joe you expect a LP.For his first song last night it wasnt a LP.It had a headstock like a firebird and a body like a LP but the cut out was sharper more of a florentine and it only had one humbucker PU in the bridge position.It had two knobs I would guess volume and tone and a beautiful dark sunburst finish.I did think for a miniute it might have been something vintage but it was to new the paint was just beautiful.Again if you can catch him in a repeat on PBS go for it Dam he rocks and maybe someone can tell me what he was playing.

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