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VNG....(Very Nice Guitar)....


Everybody's got one...and rightly so... [thumbup]


In some respects this guitar, alongside the excellent Mandobird...highlighted the advantages of Indonesia as a manufacturing base...


Excellent quality at a very competitive price... [biggrin]





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I have one. I think you'll find the pickups could be better. I'm fine with the middle, but i put a dimarzio in the bridge and have a replacement mini on route as we speak for the neck. Got a feeling i'm going to have to buy a number of minis to find one that works because the stock is very muddy which i thought was the high output, but i tried a different one already thats low output and same issue. I think the metal cover is the cause and you can't remove it on the stock one at least.


In any case, you may not feel the need to replace them now, but in time you probably will. There are plenty of neck options, one option for the middle, and 2 Seymour options for the bridge. I however used a dimarzio because you can take the stock slanted plate and put the coils and magnet from another pickup on it pretty easily. Also, consider new saddles. Some of us have put vintage strat style saddles on them and it improves the tone a lot. Really helps clear up that somewhat dark muddy tone it has stock and just sounds much clearer and articulate. GFS also makes a block style saddle like the stock ones but out of steel instead of pot metal. One guy used those and reported a great improvement too if you wanna stick with the same type of saddle.


In any case, yeah, it's a fantastic guitar, and thats a understatement. Stupid good deal at the regular street price of $400, but i got mine for $350 out the door and you even a bit cheaper. I feel like i stole it.

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