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If a famous Les Paul were to hit the market...

Tim Plains

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Is it just coincidence that you guys started this post and the "i just got page's lp"?


I think Tim and Dave are up to something... better to keep an eye over this guys' ebay acounts!


Hahahha.... Tim was first. His post got me thinking so I did the pole....

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how much did eric clapton get for his strat?

i think it was like 900,000?


so if a late 50s start usually goes for 40,000, thats more then a 200 percent price increase for being rockstar owned,

considering that page's guitar goes for 400000 just for being a les paul, multiply by 300 percent because his guitar is even more iconic then claptons, my math comes out to 120 million?

wait that cant be right

o i guess it is

so there it is, page's guitar could fetch 120 million

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I'll tell you this one thing... that guitar ended up as firewood long ago... I know it's sad and a waste but its the most probable outcome.


I don't know... I think it's in an old garage some place. There's a good chance that the person who stole it already died and their family doesn't even know it exists. That or they are waiting for Jimmy to pass away and then put it on the market.

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OK so here are my thoughts' date=' the only way these guitars have this huge bloated value is because of two things. One is collector value of the older instruments and Two they were owned by someone famous. From what I have read most of the older guitars still have all the quirks and issues as they did when they were made. I would rather spend my money on a updated version of the guitar and use the rest for a home, studio etc. Those old Strat were known for the 60cycle hum; the older Les Pauls had issues also.


If you want a good guitar get a reissue etc not the original if your actually going to use it to play. If its going to be a garage queen then spend your money; but then again this is a what if thread and not real life.


Thats my 2 cents worth.[/quote']


I agree!


I've been saying this for years and the AVH's don't seem to understand where I'm coming from. I want a guitar that means something to "ME", not somebody else. A guitar that has my history, my memories, my wear, my sweat and blood...


Besides, I'm old enough to remember when used 50's LP's were hanging on racks in dark and dingy places like Star Music in Morristown, NJ, and they were just another used guitar. Hey, I didn't want one then, and I certainly don't want one for $350,000.00.

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