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Need some book suggestions


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Hey everyone


Might anyone here have any suggestions for books regarding

- Traditional Asian Music (China, Japan, Thailand, Korea... you get my drift!)


- Indian Classical Music (I've been a lover of the music for quite some time, never looked too deep into its history. Ideally going over both Carnatic and Hindustani music, any number of books would be lovely)


- (This one is vague, based entirely upon some pieces I've heard on radio) Asian Classical Music of the 20th Century... I've heard a number of pieces that magnificently blend the typical "Western Classical" and the musical traditions of the continent and I'd like to tap into that massive well of genius.


- And finally, Russian folk music... an unexplored love of mine.

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Does Gibson offers balalaikas? Nooo? How come? They should! [tongue] Joking! Russian people have excellent taste for music, and this is not only true for folk music exclusively. Even their popular songs are great. I remember when I used to live in Moscow, how I loved to hear the song "Подмосковые вечера". It was played at 7 A.M. on the radio every day before the News. Cheers... Bence

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