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Epiphone standard plus top bridge pickup issues

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Hi All,

I am new to this forum and would really apprecate some help. I have and Epiphone Les Paul Standart Plus Top. It seemed that the neck pickup had gone so I replaced it, but that has not seemed to cure the problem.


So the symptoms are:

You can hardly hear the guitar when on the bridge pickup, it is slightly louder when on both and fine on the neck pick up. (This is through an amp on a clean setup)

I get a bit of crackling on the tone pot for the bridge but the volume seems to work fine.

If I set my amp on full gain it all seems to work fine.

I have cleaned the switch several time, I have taken it out and checked it actually makes contact on all positions.


Has anyone had similar problems? Does anyone know how to fix this?


Any help would be really appreciated!

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check for bad solder joints and ground to that pot. if that dont fix it then id replace the pot and the switch with switch craft and cts.


epiphone doesnt always use the best of electronic parts. had a similar problem with one and replaced wiring and pots and switch..

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If you had a volt/Ohm meter you could trace the connection from the pickup to tone pot to switch to volume pot to output plug. That will help you find the problem. Makes life easier when you have the right tools.


BTW - Welcome to the Forum.







Smile and Wave hello to the nice person Brutus......... fish.gif

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