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Fender Mustang 1


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Picked up a new Fender Mustang 1 on Friday, not bad for $100.



Mine is the 20 watt model with 8" speaker.

What sold me on getting this little one was that it has amp models for several out there, and also built in special effect like tape delay echo, phaser, chorus, tremolo, reverb, ect, and the effects sound pretty good too.


I fired it up Friday with the treble, bass, gain at 5, and the volume around 3 or so, and the master half way up.

Everytime I changed amp models, I got blasted with high volume.

Duh, should have read the manual first.

When using the amp models, you do not adjust any knob except your master volume, as the other ones are auto adjusted via the models.

You can changed them, but then it gives you the option to save it as a new preset on the amp.


Have not hooked up the Fuse software yet to my laptop, will try that when I get time.

It lets you access more presets and a whole lot more features via an included USB cable.


Here are a few pics of it.






Lots of YouTube videos too if you want to see more.

I grabbed this from there...


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These amps are great, recently scooped up a mustang III. Corey That vid that I posted, with the youtube link problem, was done using the III with the Sic Clean model. Definitely check out Fuse when you get a chance. Probably the most feature loaded modeling combo I've seen yet.


Congrats, and enjoy.

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