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Epiphone Les Paul Standard PRO vs Custom PRO

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hi. my friend asked me a very difficult question regard new models of Epiphone the PRO lineup.


and the main question is : which is better value for the money, playability, and pups.


calling all experienced guitar players! please help my friend choose right guitar for him.


again, advance thank you for replying. :)

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The only person that can "choose the right guitar for him" is HIM.

How can someone else choose if for him? Especially when you haven't stated what your friend is looking for in a guitar and what skill level your friend is at. Really need a lot more info. It's all very subjective.


Tell your friend to research both (videos on you tube, etc.), and then more importantly, play both. Find a store that has both and play them. That is the best way to know which is the better fit for him. [biggrin]

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I would say they are both very much on par with one another...just a matter of cosmetics really, and also bearing in mind that there will always be variations from guitar to guitar within the same type/model, the best thing for your friend to do would be to go out and play 'em and see what he/she likes best.


P.S like last time I went out guitar shopping, I went to the shop to try out a couple of second hand SG's, neither of them felt right so I simply played every single solid body hard tail guitar with humbuckers in the entire shop...ended up bringing home an Ibanez.

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I would say they are both very much on par with one another...just a matter of cosmetics


+1. I have both. Both are well made guitars, same workmanship and materials, except that Customs have more bling: gold hardware, bigger fret inlays, bigger headstock motif, & extra binding. Other than that, they're the same guitar.

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well. i'll add in a little info : he plays mostly (in genre) hard rock, alternative rock. in short, he's a shredder. he has been playing for 5 years.


as far as lineups go, there really isn't a single review on the new PRO versions the Epiphone has recently released.


he says the difference between the two (on the Epiphone website) is the wiring on the standard PRO is not 4-wire while the custom PRO has that feature. honestly i don't know the difference between 4-wire coil tap feature and etc.

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