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cool guitar [thumbup]


I think your one will have 2 humbuckers at the moment right? if so, you can easily get a P90 pickup which is fitted into a humbucker size cover called a P94. Check out this nice Riv with P94s


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Haha sorry, my name is Charlie an I live in the bay area, been playing gibsons since I can remember. I also enjoy long walks on the beach. ;). This guitar has those old plastic Japan cheapo pups in it that don't seem to fit anything.


Hi Charlie, [biggrin]


can you post up a picture for us ?


best method is to upload it to media hosting website like dropbox or photobucket for example, then paste a link into your post.

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If they're an odd size, you'll have to do a little routing for anything else to fit. One option is to widen the holes for an HB and there are a lot of HB-sized P-90's available these days made by a number of manufacturers. Another option is to go with dog ear P-90's, cut what you need to around the holes, and hide any gaps with platic P-90 spacers. GFS makes some good quality P-90's for reasonable prices, especially their Mean 90's.

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I've done this job. If I remember correctly the pickup hole was only too wide (with the triangular shaped ends) the depth was OK. I took a flat, oblong piece of wood for each end and used a chisel to shape away the top and leave the triangular shape at each end standing proud and then glued it to the underside of the top. It wasn't hard and it came out quite neat. It's harder to explain than to do. I've long since parted company with that guitar but here's a pic of how it turned out, I never did get around to painting it so it's easy to see.


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