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I am into overdrive effects of all flavors. I recently learned about this overdrive pedal mod. One of my Pedals (Visual Sound Jekyll Hyde) has an 'Overdrive' using a JRC 4558 D chip. The other side is a "Distortion" effect that's entirely different sound than the other on-board effect...the "Overdrive". I have a few pedal mod kits intended for use with Boss Pedals. What interested me is that this 'mod kit' included a quick change feature that allows the owner the 'pull out' the JRC4558 and 'press in a different sounding op amp chip. You simply remove the 8 legged chip out of your pedal and solder in this empty adapter piece. The adapter lets you simply 'plug-in' a different 4558 chip or any other compatible chip for an 'instant change' of chips without soldering. Maybe I'm the last musician to learn about this convenient method of changing out chips to try another sound. I find it to be a great and simple way to change flavors of your overdrive section of the pedal. Lastly, I've grown very fond of the Visual Sound effects pedals. I use the blue dual pedal that has analog chorus (very Hendrixy) and a delay to die for. Great combination pedal. My second Visual Sound 'dualie' is the red Jekyll Hyde Overdrive and Distortion double function pedal. If you look at Analog Man/Keeley or the other pedal mod kit makers you may notice they never have a Visual Sound 'improvement kits'. They don't need to be modded. I am going to Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe next though. My Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe didn't come out into the mix very well so I sold it.

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