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New member saying Hello and looking for info on L-4 -A


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I am new here and joined today because I just bought the most amazing little Guitar

it is a Rosewood(I think) L4A very nice with MOP binding and rosette .

I have not been able to find one like it at Gibsons site or elswhere on the web

Any additional info on this guitar would be great.

I have a pic and would love to post it but as a newbie I am still trying to figure that one out ,I will see if this works


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If I remember correctly that's a recent model from gibson. About the size of a jumbo...or an J-185. cutaway, sunburst. It also came in natural and I think it also came in small runs of color (I seem to remember seeing a red one in guitar center last summer). I've seen maple bodies too...with les paul type inlays. big rosewood mustache bridge and rosewood fretboard.


does it have electronics...most of the ones I've seen had electronics in them...thats what has kept me from becoming too interested in them.


What else do you need to know about the guitar that you can't tell from looking at it?

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Thanks Dotneck

It does have electronics,.....My preference

I am just looking for info like spec sheets and any additional info perhaps from Gibson regarding this particular model.

I am sure it is recent

It seems that it would be easy to find info on Gibson's site

I have many guitars ,this is my first Gibson so I am just not familiar with the product's information or where to find it

Thanks Again

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You know...after looking at the pictures...his L4A looks more like the EC10. Its got dot fretmarkers instead of trapezoids. And that pickguard....which is missing on the spec sheet of the L4A.


Its these kinds of anomolies that make Gibson models interesting. As soon as you think you have the specs nailed down...you find a variation.


You say you think the guitar is rosewood...but the spec sheet and the ones I've seen are maple. Give us a photo of the back so we can see which wood is one yours....

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Thanks all for the info and the Welcomes

I wish I could shoot a pic of the back Dotneck, however it is in its case in a Lay a Way room till I finish paying for it and can bring her home.

This is another reason I was looking for more info on this model ...so I could drool over the pics and the info in anticipation ;p

I will be taking a lot of photos when she comes home (time to sell a couple of my others so I can hurry and get this one home)

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I am still somewhat confused,and as Dotneck pointed out

When I look at the specs for the L4A cutaway and the EC10"s

The guitar I am buying has a Label that says L4A yet looks more like the EC10

I have also yet to find one that is the Tobacco Burst or dark brown sunburst

Do you know why there is so many similarities and yet so many differences...

I apologize if I am only spreading my confusion and perhaps when I get time or when I go to make another payment I will take more pics and get the serial number cause I am sure that will be more helpful

I tried fishing around the Montana site but got a lot of error pages

Thanks for your input

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There's not much else to it. Gibson has different names they keep throwing around - J185EC, J180EC, Blues King Electro, EC10, and L4A. Some of them have have the arched backs some don't - not sure which. I do know that most EC10s have dot inlays, the J-185s and Blues King Electros have the split parallels, and the L4s have dots or trapezoids (probably based on year it was made). Finishes will be unpredictable because Gibson mixes things up all the time (especially since it's not really part of their "historic" models). Most people don't know this, but if you get a masterdealer to track down a batch of whatever model right before it goes to the finishing room in Montana - you can ask for any standard finish you want for that model.

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