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Fret Slotting Tools. Need Some Options.

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I'm getting ready to start my 4th and 5th builds and at that point where I think I'll be doing this for some years to come. I'm thinking its time to gain the ability to make and slot my own fretboards.


Doing a little research it seems I have four options.


A. The LMI slotting jig at $180 plus $35 per additional template.


B. The Stewmac Fret Slotting jig package at $180 plus $40 for templates.


C. LMI Power slotting system with plans for the jig for $193 plus the cost of wood for the carriage.


D. The stew mac Table saw blade @ $88.00 plus $40 for the fret scale templates and the cost of woods for the carriage and not very detailed instructions.


It seems the cheapest way to go is option D and I'd have to do some configuring to my saw each time I wanted to cut slots. I'd also have to do this with option C.

I'd like some opinions on this from those of you that slot fretboards themselves. Remember I'm on a budget ( who isnt?)

Also if anyone has plans for a slotting jig that they could pass on to me I'd love to look at them.

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