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I saw a great show on Monday night....


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I saw a Hip Hop show on Monday night here in Toronto...now some of you may be thinking "Hip Hop ain't music" but I am here to teach you otherwise...


The group I saw was called Deltron 3030 and is comprised of 3 main guys: Deltron Zero (AKA Del the Funky Homosapien - Rapper), Kid Koala (DJ) and Dan the Automator (Producer). They released an album 12 years ago that I consider the best hip hop album of all time. (My opinion of course!) They are releasing a follow up album this year and they came to Toronto to debut many of the new songs at this free show.


Here is the lineup of musicians (rather, instruments played by humans) at this rap show. You might be surprised:


Vocals x3 (rapper + 2 singers)

Drums (live)

Guitar - Telecaster! (live)

Keys (used for Bass)

Trumpet x2

Trombone x2

Violins x6 (I think)

Cello x2

Turntables x3



Most of these instruments were used in most songs. It was REALLY well executed and awesome to experience. Live instruments with a great rapper like Del was really awesome.


Here's a vid of the orchestra rehearsing for the show:




And here's a somewhat decent vid from the show (it was POURING RAIN for most of the set):




Anyway...hope some of you enjoyed it and will check out Deltron 3030 if you are open to some hip hop.

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I liked the fact that they utilized REAL instruments rather than MIDI samples, which maybe is better for rap/hip hop music in general.


But otherwise, it didn't blow me away. But it was definitely a far cry from the rap/hip hop you hear everyday. Maybe if rap/hip hop were more like this I would be more of a fan.


Not being much of a fan of rap/hip hop, I knew I wasn't going to love it. But I watched anyways. Not my cup o' tea, sorry. But I'm not going to be obnoxious about it like I have been in the past.


Thanks for posting.

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Totally fair kaleb...its still not for everyone. Just wanted to provide an example of musical hip hop to those who think it simply doesn't exist.


Not a lot of traction on this thread...i'm thinking its a "If you can't say anything nice...." type deal hehehe...


Anyway, it was a better show than many rock shows I have seen over the past few years and I went home smiling and singing in my head!

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Ahhhh Deltron.. My brother put the tracks "Mastermind" and "3030" on a mix-cassette for me back when I was in 5th grade and they pretty much formed my taste in hip hop. I'm jealous you got to see them live, bet it was amazing. Their album is a classic, right up there with other more mainstream alt hip hop albums like the Beastie's Hello Nasty.

Have you heard about the new album supposedly coming out this year? Seems to be going in a similar production pattern as Dr. Dre's Detox, as it was supposed to be released in 2008.

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Yes Hellion...they played a bunch of new tracks on Monday...sounds great IMO. It should be out by September...*fingers crossed*


I'm very excited for it...Del states "It's not better than the first!"....he knows the fans...we LOVE the first album and hold high expectations for the follow up. He says its different and that we will love it but its not better than the first. It's different.


Fair says I...

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