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I have been having feedback problems with my PA setup and I am 90% sure the problem is the size of our room because I did not have feedback issues in our last space which was a lot larger with fifteen foot ceilings. The mic I am using is a Blue enCore 100. I tried the setup with Shure SM58 and SM57 and the feed back was worse. Even though all three mics have cardioid pickup patterns, I think the enCore 100's is tighter. This makes me think a super cardioid mic could be a solution and I was looking at the Shure Beta 58. Anyone use these and have an opinion on them?


Additional notes: We run my mic through a Behringer EUROPOWER PMP518M. My master volume is at about 3/4 and my channel level is at about half so I have head room. The speaker setup is a 12 Peavey floor wedge for me and a 1x12 Peavey cab so my drummer can hear my vocals.

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