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so i am related to Jimi in ONE way


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I used to have a long hair wig that I used for one Halloween (Halloween 06') when I went as Ace Frehley.....Along with a crappy homemade costume....(I wasn't taking it too seriously. I just needed something to wear to a party....)...and crappy makeup......and the wig was more Paul Stanley than Ace.....


I have no idea what happened to that thing! I think it's in my garage or something. Everyone liked to wear it as a joke when we go camping (which is ALWAYS a party!)...I should have named it the Idiot Wig...(Kinda like the "stupid helmet" on That 70s Show....)...or the "I'm now buzzed" wig.....Somethin' like that. I don't need a wig anymore! I grew the hair long again!


And Jimi never really had an "afro"; his hair was simply all over the place....


Look at the Band Of Gypsies era (when he made bandanas cool!), for example. Not much of an afro there.


His hairdo was nowhere near Ernie Isley's fro'.....

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