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Which pickups are hotter?


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Does anyone know which set is hotter? 57 classic+ and 57 classic or burstbucker 2 and 3? I want some pickups that can go from bluesy stuff to heavy stuff.

As far as I know the hottest pickups Gibson do is on the Classic which are the 496R and 500T





If you can be bothered (cos its quite dull) I did a tone test with some Les Pauls including a Classic and a 08 Standard with Burstbucker Pros... You will hear the Classic is way hotter.. But for your actual questionn Burstbuckers are hotter.. 57s are more mellow.


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Burstbucker 2 and 3 have a special unfinished Alnico II magnet and non-symmetrical coil windings these pickups

deliver an "airy" full tone. Clean, they’re a sweet, rich sounding pickup. When overdriven, they

achieve a magical distortion with slightly enhanced highs that made the originals famous.


"57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus uses balanced coils wound with the same special enamel coated wire, Alnico II

magnet and maple spacers as used on the originals to deliver a creamy, smooth outputthat sounds rich and full

whether it’s clean or overdriven. The '57 Classic Plus is slightly over-wound

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