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I just got the 4 Amp VOX combo with 10" Celestion Speaker today.


There are quite a few people on the net that swap out the Crate speaker & mod the circuit to get better Tone.

I priced Celestion Speaker for the 5 watt Crate I had, & decided to do a shootout to see how much difference there is side by each.

I hooked up an A/B-Y switch so the guitar could switch between each, or play through both.

I got the 14 year old to play some Led Zeppelin & random classic rock. (He plays better, and I wanted to sit back and listen).

The Vox will growl when pushed, pretty cool, & easy with the watt selector at 1 watt.

The Crate doesn't have a power selector option.

The Crate 10" speaker cone has plastic on it, so you can notice each note when you strum a cord, kind of an edge to the tone.

The Vox cone seems to dampen a bit & is warmer and bluesier, its nice and musical.

The Crate is Open Backed, while the Vox is closed backed.

The Vox seems to have more Range & smoother Tone.

They are both a convenient size to pack up and take to practice.


I had read reviews on both amps, so I was interested to see just how different they could be.

I got a lot out of listening to the same piece of music come out of different amps, speakers, and cabinet styles.

You can sure hear a difference in the way the pick attack & sustain play through different amps.

I think I am going to keep the A/B-Y switch handy and do this more often, there are a couple of other amps in the house to compare.

At the end, he setup one amp for lead & then switched amps through the song.

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