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all the help i can get


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went to the big smoke yesterday with my better half and 'cos its my birthday soon i got a pressie .

came home with a shure beta 58A . anyone got one ?

can't wait to try it out properly in a gig .

i used to play in my local pub,first time public playing , few guinness and belt a tune out, part of some sessions and eventually me and a couple others would do more . the landlord liked my stuff and eventually he bought a little PA and all the stuff we would need , but it was budget mics and stands etc , think the mics were about 20 quid . worked fine but even a pleb like me knew they werent great ,. the pub was knocked down and i got the gear . the guy who plays lead with is an older bloke and knows his stuff , i used his sm58 and a nice seinheisser (spelling close enough) and liked the shure better . hope i done the right thing with the beta .

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The Beta 58 is a great mic. Ipics up alot more stage noise than a regular 58 will. If you are playing with a full band and have a drummer right behind you and you step away from the mic the drums will come right thru the mic with the beta and less withh the reguar 58. for acoustic stuff I much prefer the Beta. I use a beta 58 when I do not have or need phantom power ( thru my bose compact) and a Neumann KM 105 thru my bose model 2.

Congrats on the new mic!


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