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Another question about the ES 339


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Hey! So I am looking for a semi-hollow and i currently play an SG Standard. That being said I have a great love for the ES 335 tonally and that was what I was going to grab but now I heard about the 339 which apparently is comparable tone-wise but smaller and lighter. being used to an SG i have trouble playing with big guitars even Les Pauls because i am used to the slim necks and my fingers can't handle the wide fret boards and the weight gives me trouble too. So the ES 339 could be an easy fix for that. But, if it is way different than an ES 335 I would rather suck it up and train myself for the different weight and fretboards. So any of you out there who have any info on this stuff would help me out a lot.


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Grab one and try it. I love mine. I have zero problem with weight, actually started out going for an R8 after I quit smoking. As the money pile grew through the months my research took me to the 335, then the 339. The fit, feel, and tone is perfect for me. I still may get a 335 someday just for kicks, but I have an SG, a '91 Tele, a J45 RW, a '61 Melody Maker, and can beat up my daughter and play her Studio when it gets here.


The 339 is the one I go for everytime.......


Best of luck.



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