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flying v project


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iv bought a 1989 Gibson flying V its cheery/stain/gloss ATM

will be painting it white or ivory with snow white pickguard and truss rod cover all other parts white if i can


my question is can i get white top hat knobs with the silver tone and vol on them ?????????????? where can i find these??


cheers jak

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received my guitar in the post


1989 flying v, 67 reissue, set neck one piece solid mahogany body



EMG J.H pickups

gotoh sgl510z-p1HAPM tuners, black with AO1 buttons

gotoh 510FB bridge

gotoh 510FA stop tail

strings Ernie ball cobalt 10-46


have not built a guitar up before and doing the first fit out to dial it in before repaint have run into something the bridge has scribe marks on the saddles (were the string groves should be) but are just that JUST SCRIBE MARKS so the strings are not located at all.... my question is is it normal to receive a bridge like this do you usually have to file your own string groves in like you would a nut blank??????????????


love the feel of this thing can't wait to finish the test fit-out

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