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Anyone Gone Wireless?

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After watching the Voice talent show series where the performers and band all seem to wireless these days, I thought I would ask if anyone here has gone wireless with their acoustic or vocals?



BK777 the Klutz likes the idea very much, but so far what I have seen are more wires hanging off guitars/mics joining to belt packs, of course BK777 the Klutz would sit on/break/loose/ bend/basically destroy in a very short time!



I like the wireless in my Mac laptop - I know there are wires inside it but no wires dangling ....I hope they get Bluetooth or Greentooth ot something for guitars and mics soon! I would be first in line to buy.





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I have always wondered why one of the wireless mfg's hasn't partnered up with one of the guitar builders to make a guitars with the transmitter built right in. It would be REALLY easy to do. It would take an area less than the size of the spring pocket on the back of a Strat to just lay in a standard beltpack transmitter.


With a "chambered" LP, you could just put the transmitter in one of the chambers, with a access cover for battery changes and the other adjustments.


That said, I've used Shure brand guitar wireless systems for 20 years. Instead of wearing the belt pack on my .... belt, I fasten them to the back of the strap (Velcro). I have also seen commercially made straps with a transmitter pouch attached. Either way it keeps your guitar, with strap attached, as a UNIT.


Handheld microphones generally have the transmitter built in (no beltpack or dangling antenna any more), but a headset mic will have a beltpack. Wireless In-ear monitors also use a beltpack.


So if you were playing a wireless guitar, singing through a headset mic, and monitoring everything through an in-ear system, you could conceivably be wearing three beltpacks.

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Thanks Larry.


3 beltpacks eh? I forgot about monitors!


Maybe a Mexican bandoliero gun belt like the old movies with the transmitters in the loops like harmonica players do! (Well Sonny Terry came to mind).


The headset mics need a mute - use to have a gadget with one - with a mic like a SM58 or so, you turn away from the mic to cough/sneeze/***** about the promoter/soundman/drummer, but the headset mics get all of it and a bit of heavy breathing between songs!



Henry said in the (problem) video that the Firebird X had bluetooth, but didn't mention what for! I will go and look up the specs!




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Didn't Gibson look at / produce an ethernet based guitar some years ago


Not are what came of it


If you are in the UK, be aware of impending freqency changes for wireless devices like microphones


Personally I would wait if in the UK to see what happens, or else you could be buying something that will be obsolete and illegal very soon



see this website - wireless changes UK



During 2012, any wireless microphones which use channel 69 (790-862MHz) will start to experience interference. It will actually become illegal to use them as this bandwidth will be licensed to someone rather than being free for public use.

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