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4-conductor 496R-CC and 500T-CC wanted!


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To my taste, the Gibson humbuckers 496R and 500T in my 1978 S-G Standard are the very best pickups I ever heard. I found out years after I had bought this guitar that they were loaded down severely by circuit component ratings. So I changed the stock 300 kOhms volume and 100 kOhms tone pots to 500 kOhms types. At once the guitar was cutting through and performed much brighter and with real twang. Sadly, these vintage pickups only provide one shielded connector. Moreover, they have the same spacing of the pole pieces which is somewhere in between the string spacings in neck and bridge position.


In 4-conductor version with appropriate spacings, they could be a very flexible pickup pair matching most electric guitar applications I think.


I found they come as black or zebra versions but not with any covers. Is there any chance they will be available chrome covered, too? And are the coils wound to the same specs as in 1978?

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