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So after the last six months of scrimping, ebaying and what ever I could do.. I have finally paid off for my 2008 Standard.. Now this was an issue because I was made redundant six months ago and had to use the money for the guitar to live.. And was going to have to sell it.. BUT I have been doing odd jobs, copying VHS to DVD for people, selling stuff on ebay (including one of my Marshalls) all to pay this off.. Well today I finally did it (cut off was 29th June) YAY YAY YAY and am so happy about it I needed to share with people who understand (I hope) :)


After my Classic, this is like a perfect Les Paul to me (colour, pickups, neck).. I literally fell in love with it on the spot and even traded a Flying V I had to help pay for it. And the fact they have stopped making them and that the red ones seemed quite rare, I just had to keep this guitar and did it.. Woooooooo !!! [biggrin]


thank you oh guitar spirit who looks over us [-o< ;)


And this is the beauty im talking about (im sure most of you have seen before so forgive me but im excited (which is rare these days) :) I even had to call them back to check it was actually paid off im in such shock.







and standing proud with its brothers


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Good deal. Glad to see you kept your loved possession. You gotta do what you've gotta do sometimes.

Thanks.. :) I was almost certain at one point id have to sell it.. so am so happy..


I actually tried a 2012 Standard with the view of, well if I sell it then at least I have an excuse to get a 2012.. But didnt like it so much, so made me want to keep this one even more..



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Fantastic news.

Really happy for you.

I was hoping you would work it out.



Cheers man.. thats appreciated (and to all who have answered)...


I know to some people it all seems a bit silly over a guitar.. but in the time ive had it ive now really bonded with it and would have been sad to see it go..


Now I just need a job :)

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I do love a happy ending!!

Great news - I am sure everyone that read your previous posts will be breathing a sigh of relief!

...and that guitar is a real looker!



Cheers, I will say it again.. Thanks for all the support (and putting up with my posts ;)).. its been a tough six months and this helps :)

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